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Sreeja Nair

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Sreeja is an environmental policy researcher with a PhD in Public Policy from the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy (National University of Singapore), Masters in Climate and Society (Columbia University) and Environmental Studies (TERI University, India). Her research interests include environmental policy design under uncertainty and impacts of environmental change on communities, focusing on water and agriculture, particularly in South Asia. Her doctoral dissertation focused on cases from Indian agriculture to study the design and process of policy experimentation and piloting. As a CLASS Postdoct oral Fellow she works with the NTU School of Social Sciences and the Nanyang Environment and Water Research Institute on socio-political dimensions of water sustainability projects and policy innovations in Asia.


Sreeja has worked with The Energy and Resources Institute in India for seven years and contributed to diverse policy projects including the National Action Plan on Climate Change, state level Action Plans on Climate Change and assessment of climate change impacts on local communities. She is a Contributing Author for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s Fifth Assessment Report.



Peer-reviewed journal articles 

Wellstead, A., Howlett, M., Nair, S., and Rayner, J., 2016. Canada’s Regional Adaptation Collaboratives and Adaptation Platform: The importance of scaling up and scaling down climate change governance experiments. Climate Services. Vol 4, December 2016, 52-60.

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Book chapters

Nair, S. and Howlett, M., (forthcoming, 2017). ‘Policy experimentation as a tool to deal with climate uncertainty’ In Beyond experiments: Understanding how climate governance innovations become embedded, edited by Turnheim, B., Kivimaa, P. and Berkhout, F. Science Policy Research Unit, University of Sussex. 

Nair, S. and Howlett, M., (2017). ‘The Central Conundrums of Policy Formulation: Ill-Structured Problems and Uncertainty’ in Handbook of Policy Formulation Cheltenham: Edward Elgar 2016 edited by Michael Howlett and Ishani Mukherjee.  

Nair, Sreeja; Vreugdenhil, Heleen. ‘Policy Making: Pilot Projects as Predictive Methods’ In Encyclopedia of Public Administration and Public Policy, 3rd Ed.; Bearfield, D.; Dubnick, M., Eds.; Taylor & Francis: New York, 2015; Vol. 4, pp. 2623-2627.


Current courses as instructor (AY 2017/18):

HA4009-Special Issues in Public Policy

HA4023-The Politics of Social Policy

HA4023- Environmental Change and Policy Design

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