Research Themes 2019

The Health, Communication & Society Research Cluster brings together experts from a wide variety of subject areas across the University, including Humanities, Social Sciences, Art & Design, Communication Studies, and Medicine. Cluster members work on a variety of research projects, typically in partnership with hospitals, clinics, medical practitioners and the healthcare sector. The general aim is to promote and enhance health literacy and health communication, and to deepen understanding of the social, cultural, and historical factors that influence healthy living.
The areas under the Health, Communication & Society Research Theme include, but are not limited to: health communication, health literacy, conversation and discourse analysis in medical and healthcare contexts, health psychology, health promotion, and public health. Applicants who have a background in the humanities and social sciences and experience in collecting and handling quantitative and/or qualitative data are welcome to apply.
The College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences seeks to appoint Postdoctoral Fellows in the field of Science, Technology, and Society (STS) and closely-related fields. Priority will be given to candidates who complement the College's existing areas of strength, including STS approaches to health and biomedicine, climate change and energy, urban environments, information and communication technologies, and governance, nation-building and identity. We are particularly interested in projects that include locations in Asia as central nodes in understanding global connections.
Projects in the Digital Humanities Research Cluster typically fall into either one of two flavours - the study on the impact of digital technologies on society, or the use of digital tools in the study of the arts & media, humanities, social sciences and communications fields. Applications for either flavour are welcomed. A description of some projects in the DH Cluster can be found here.
Specific to the needs of a sub-cluster within the DH Cluster, we have openings for applicants with experience in TEI or similar markup languages, comparison of digitised primary texts, use of social network analysis software, and metadata management for post-modern East Asian sources.
Check the HASS Postdoctoral Fellowship 2019 page for instructions on how to apply.