Research Sharing Day

Theme: Research in the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences: 
Reflections, New Methods, Critical Approaches

What research questions are asked in the humanities, arts and social sciences, and what forms might answer to these questions take? What methods are available to us to tackle these questions? Are they sufficiently warranted to command scientific respect? Although we often take such matters for granted, we rarely get an opportunity to see how they are conceived across our sister disciplines.

Wallace Martin, in his book Recent Theories of Narrative, has this to say about the applicability of scientific methods to the study of society and culture: 

“Since the nineteenth century, the methods of the natural sciences have served as a model for the rationalization of other disciplines. But during the past two decades, that model has proved inadequate for an understanding of society and culture”. (Martin 1986: 7) 

In this year’s Research Sharing Day, we hope to address this fundamental issue by showcasing a variety of methods used in humanistic, artistic, and social scientific research. More importantly, we hope to go back to the basics to do some soul-searching by having each speaker consider the following points, in relation to their work: 

(i) What are the main research aims and objectives?
(ii) What research methods are used?
(iii) How well-justified are we in using such methods, given the kinds of questions we ask and the answers we seek?
(iv) How diligent and open-minded have we been in exploring new methods? 

It is hoped that the discussions may stimulate new and interesting cross-fertilizations and inter-disciplinary collaborations. 


Associate Professor Goh Geok Yian
Associate Professor Alton Chua
Professor C. J. Wee Wan-ling
Assistant Professor Elke Evelin Reinhuber
Associate Professor Andrea Nanetti
Associate Professor Annabel Chen 
Associate Professor Yohanes Eko Riyanto 
Associate Professor Catherine Wan Ching