Funding Opportunities

    P​​​​​​​​​​​roject Seed Grants​​
​​​Name Incentive Scheme Team-based Interdisciplinary Incentive Scheme H&A Research Grant
Objective​​ Support investigator-led grant applications Support programme level grant applications Provide seed funding for research projects
​Discipline ​Any Interdisciplinary​ Humanities & Arts​
Duration ​1 year 2 years​ 2 years​
​Value $3,000​ $10,000​ $5,000​
Team / Individual ​Individual Team​ Individual​
Travel​ Expenses Unsupported​ Unsupported​ Only for the purpose of primary research​
Target Applicant Junior Faculty Team led by Senior Faculty Junior Faculty​
Call for Application ​Jan & July Jan & July​ Jan & July​
​​Event Grants
​​​Name Interdisciplinary Conference, Symposium and Workshop Scheme CLASS Joint NTU-ANU NTU-KCL Conference, Symposium and Workshop Scheme
Objective​​ Support interdisciplinary research activities Support collaboration with ANU and KCL
​Discipline Interdisciplinary ​Any
Duration ​1 year 1 year
​Value Up to $10,000​ Up to $20,000
Team / Individual ​Individual Team / ​Individual
Travel​ Expenses Supports 1 visiting keynote speaker Supported​
Target Applicant ​Any ​Any
Call for Application Feb & Aug Feb & Aug​

​            ​Travel Grants
​​​Name CLASS-ANU Travel Grant CLASS-KCL Travel Grant
Objective​​ Support collaboration with ANU Support collaboration with KCL
​Discipline ​Any ​Any
Duration ​1 year 1 year
​Value $3,000​ $5,000​
Team / Individual ​Individual ​Individual
Travel​ Expenses Supported​ Supported​
Target Applicant ​Any ​Any
Call for Application Mar Mar