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CLASS supports various schemes to encourage the engagement of researchers in cross-disciplinary projects. Our events seek different levels of discourse - from academic research to public education - and involve eminent scholars, researchers, policy makers, as well as members of the public.

Post-event evaluation forms (for initiators) are also available for download here.

Applications for CLASS sponsorship in respect of three of its schemes will from now on be based on two half-yearly calls, instead of on a rolling basis as was done previously. Colleagues are advised to plan their events well in advance and adhere strictly to the deadline for each grant call. Applications will still need to be endorsed by the respective Heads of Department (where applicable) and School Chair before submission to CLASS.
Please also note that HoDs and School Chairs will from now on be asked to undertake to provide necessary administrative support to activities and events which they endorse and forward to CLASS.

Please refer to the current funding guidelines as of April 2017 before submitting the application form.
The 3 schemes which will come under this new set of arrangements are:
1) Conference, Symposium and Workshop Scheme
– Application form can be downloaded from here​​​​

2) Distinguished Lecture Scheme
– Application form can be downloaded from her​e

3) Visiting Scholar Scheme
– Application form can be downloaded from here ​​​​

Faculty who are interested to submit an application may refer to the following important dates.

Important Dates (These dates are subject to change at CLASS’s discretion) 

1st Call for Applications (End April)


Deadline for Applications

End May

Steering Committee Meeting

Early June

Notification of outcome

Mid June



2nd Call for Applications (Early October)


Deadline for Applications

End of Oct

Steering Committee Meeting

Mid of Nov

Notification of outcome

End of Nov

*Time-line for each funding scheme should starts from the deadline for applications.

Time-line for each scheme:


1) Conference, Symposium and Workshop Scheme 
    To be held at least 6 months from deadline for applications
    *Exception can be given to smaller scale workshops to be held 3 months from deadline for applications

2) Distinguished Lecture Scheme
    To be held at least 2 months from deadline for applications

3) Visiting Scholar Scheme
     To be held at least 4 months from deadline for applications

CLASS Seminar Scheme 

Applications for the CLASS Seminar Scheme can be submitted two weeks prior to the planned seminar as the CLASS Steering Committee has delegated the review and approval to the Director of CLASS. Application form can be downloaded from here​.​