Journal Articles and Book Chapters

Journal Articles

Title: Workers' rights defence on China's Internet: An analysis of actors​

Author: Tang Lijun, Shan Desai. & Yang Peidong. 

Journal: Information, Communication and Society, Volume 19, Issue 8, 2016. Pages 1171 - 1186.

Title: Diaosi as infrapolitics: Scatological tropes, identity-making and cultural intimacy on China's Internet

Author: Yang Peidong, Tang Lijun &  Wang Xuan

Journ​al: Media, Culture & Society, Volume 37, Issue 2,2015. Pages 197-214

Book Chapters

Title: The PRC “Foreign Talent” Scholars and Their Singaporean “Other”: Neo-Occidentalism Amidst Intercultural Contact in the Context of Higher Education Student Mobility.

Author: Yang ​Peidong

Book Title: Intercultural Masquerade: New Orientalism, New Occidentalism, Old Exoticism (pp. 33-49). Heidelberg, New York, Dordrecht. (2016) [R. Machart, F. Dervin & M.Gao (Eds.)]

Publisher: London, Springer. 

Title: Eliteness’ in Chinese schooling: towards an ethnographic approach.

Author: Yang ​Peidong

Book Title: Elite Education. International Perspectives (pp. 135-147).(2016) [ C.Maxwell & P. Aggleton(Eds.)]

Publisher: Abingdon, Routledge  

Title: Observations on Singapore’s SM1, SM2, SM3 Scholarships and PRC Scholars’ Experiences.

Author: Yang ​Peidong

Book Title: Blue Book of Global Talent: Annual Report on the Development of Chinese Students Studying Abroad (2014) No.3 (pp. 212-232). (2014)​ [ H.Wang & L.Miao (Eds.)]

Publisher: Beijing, Social Science Academic Press.