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​​Title: International Mobility and Educational Desire: Chinese Foreign Talent Students in Singapore
Author: Yang Peidong 
Pub. Year: 2016
New York, Palgrave Macmillan​

Title: Crossroads of Language, Interaction and Culture 8
Editors: Gail Fox Adams, Laura Amador, Chi-Hua Hsiao, Ni-Eng Lim and Ekaterina Moore
ISBN13: 978-0982835401
Pub. Date: 1-Nov-11


Title: Current Issues in Chinese Linguisitics
Authors: Yun Xiao, Liang Tao, Hooi Ling Soh
Book Chapter: From subjectivity to intersubjectivity: Epistemic marker Wo Juede in Chinese by Ni-Eng Lim
ISBN13: 978-1443832076
Pub. Date: 1-Oct-11

Title: On Happiness
Authors: Jeremy Fernando & Kenny Png
ISBN13: 9789810854706
Pub. Date: 12-Jun-10


Title: Suicide Bomber, and her gift of Death
Author: Jeremy Fernando
Pub. Date: 29-Jan-10


Title: Reading Blindly: Literature, Otherness, and the 
Possibility of  an Ethical Reading
Author: Jeremy Fernando
ISBN13: 9781604976335
Pub. Date: 28-Oct-09


Title: Literature and Ethics: Questions of Responsibility in Literary Studies
Daniel Jernigan, Neil Murphy, Brendan Quigley, and Tamara Wagner
Pub. Date: 28-May-09

To mark the 30th Anniversary of the Southeast Asian Review of English, a special issue on Singapore and Malaysian Literature was co-edited by Prof Koh Tai Ann of CLASS, A/P Neil Murphy of the HSS English Division and A/P Mary Philip, Head of the English Dept. at University of Malaya. The cover images mark the closure of the railway between the two countries, but this issue signals our continuing historical and cultural ties. Former President, Mr S R Nathan launched the special issue at the Arts House, followed by a programme of readings by Singaporean and Malaysian writers.
Launch Speech by Former President MR S R Nathan