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​Emperor and Consort at the Hot Springs: Poems of the Great Romance by Prof Paul W. Kroll

Published on: 14-Aug-2017


About the Speaker:

Paul W. Kroll is Professor of Chinese at the University of Colorado, Boulder. He received his PhD in 1976 from the University of Michigan. He received numerous grants and awards, including ACLS fellowships (1979, 1985, 1996), President of American Oriental Society (2006-07), Guggenheim fellowship (2007-08), Institute for Advanced Study (2008-09). He has published widely on medieval Chinese literature, religion, and cultural history, with particular focus on the Tang dynasty. He is the author of five books and seventy-plus articles and book chapters, most recently of A Student's Dictionary of Classical and Medieval Chinese (Brill, 2014; rev. ed. 2017). He is co-editor of the sinological journal T'oung Pao.


The romance of the Tang emperor Xuanzong (r. 712-756) and his Precious Consort Yang is the most famous, and tragic, of imperial liaisons in Chinese history. Following Lady Yang's death and the emperor's abdication, the story very quickly became a topic for retelling in both prose and verse. The best-known of such works is of course Bo Juyi's "Song of Lasting Regret" from 807. But this was not seen in its time as the best or only version of the story. There are scores of other poems, short and long, on the subject from Tang poets both before and after Bo Juyi. Most of these center on the emperor's winter retreat at Mount Li and its seductive hot springs, while a few focus on the Mawei post-station where Lady Yang met her death. This talk will discuss some of the more interesting and unusual of these poems.


Date: August 17, 2017,  Thursday  Time: 4pm Venue: HSS Seminar Room 9 (HSS-B1-11)


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