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​Discursive Psychology: Psychology Reimagined by Prof. Jonathan Potter

Published on: 01-Jan-2015


Discursive Psychology: Psychology Reimagined by Prof. Jonathan Potter

This talk will consider the virtues of discursive psychology compared to both contemporary social cognition and 'qualitative' or 'critical' approaches (social representations, interpretative phenomenological analysis). It overviews and refutes longstanding criticisms and confusions and highlight five key features of contemporary discursive psychology:

  1. it analyses records of actual behaviour;
  2. it focuses on normative practices rather than empirical regularities;
  3. it works with participants own orientations and displays;
  4. it builds an evidence based critique of both experimentation and open-ended interviews;
  5. it offers a distinctive approach to emotion and embodiment. These features will be illustrated with research on family mealtime interaction.

Date: 15 January 2015

Time: 3 to 5pm

Venue: HSS Conference Room ( HSS-05-57)

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