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​Adolescent Depression: Etiology to Treatment by Randy Auerbach​

Published on: 31-Jan-2015

​​This presentation will focus on research identifying psychosocial, behavioral, and neurobiological factors that render certain children and adolescents, and young adults vulnerable to depression. The research is multidisciplinary and utilizes a multimodal approach (e.g., laboratory-based experiments, electroencephalography (EEG), functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI)) to address essential, yet unanswered questions. These include: (1) What cognitive and interpersonal vulnerability factors most strongly predict adolescent depression?, (2) What behavioral and neural mechanisms underlie adolescent depression?, (3) Why do certain individuals who develop depression engage in risky (e.g., substance use, rule-breaking), self-injurious, and/or suicidal behaviors?, and (4) What are the factors (e.g., therapeutic relationship, changes in the brain) that contribute to successful CBT interventions? The overarching goal is to improve early identification of and treatment for adolescent depression by identifying key underlying mechanisms.

Date: 10 Feb 2015 (Tue)

Time: 11.30am to 1pm

Venue: HSS Conference Room​ (HSS-05-57)


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