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Month Date Event Event Type School
December​ 5 - 7 Dec​ Armistice, Empire, Aftermath: The British Empire at the 'End' of the Great War​ Conference​ ADM​
​​​ October​ ​ 12 - 13 Oct​ Environmental Humanities: Paving the Way Towards a Sustainable Future​ Symposium​ SOH​
11 Oct​ Embattled Earth: Commodities, Conflict and Climate Change in the Indian Ocean​ Lecture​ SOH​
4 - 5 Oct​ Asia-Pacific Babylab Constellation 2018​ Conference​ SOH​
September​ 21 Sept​ Heidegger, Zhuangzi, & Intercultural Philosophy Workshop​ SOH​
August​ 10 - 11 Aug​ Rethinking Sinitic Literacy: Studying Sinitic "texts"' in Southeast Asia​ Symposium​ SOH​
​​June​ ​ ​ ​ 22 Jun​
Structural and Functional Plasticity Associated with Learning in Bilinguals
Prof Gigi Luk, Harvard University
Seminar​ SOH​
22 Jun​ Brain Connects 2018​ Workshop​ SSS​
15 - 16 Jun​ Brain Stimulation and Imaging Meeting (BRAINSTIM) 2018​ Conference​ SSS​
7 Jun​
Digital Media, Diversity and the Physical World: The Transient Migrant Experience
A/Prof Catherine Gomes, RMIT
Lecture​ SSS​
​April​ ​ ​ 23 - 24 Apr​ The Creation-Evolution Controversy from Global Perspectives​ Workshop​ SOH​
19 Apr​
Mobile Media Technologies, entertainment cultures and the Korean Wave
Professor Jin Dal Yong, Simon Fraser University
Lecture​ WKWSCI​
15 - 20 Apr​
The Brain Correlates of Visual Perception
Professor Lothar Spillmann, University of Freiburg
Lecture​ SSS​
​March​ ​ ​ 29 - 31 Mar​ Art of the Networked Practice Online Symposium 2018 ​ Symposium​ ADM​
20 Mar​
The Meaning of Evolutionary Linguistics
Professor Salikoko S Mufwene, University of Chicago
Lecture​ SOH​
2 Mar​
Are We All Foreigners…' or we are Bandungist for a grounded global intellectual movement?
Professor Chen Kuan-Hsing, Chiao Tung University
Seminar​ SSS​
​​February​ ​ ​ ​ 23 - 24 Feb​ Migrating Concepts: Cosmopolitanism, Multiculturalism and Conviviality across the Asia Pacific (JICS) ​ Conference​ SSS​
22 - 23 Feb​ Multiversal Experiences – Parallel Universes in Virtual and Augmented Reality​ Conference​ ADM​
8 - 9 Feb​ Digital Colosseums: Competitive video gaming as mass entertainment​ Workshop​ WKWSCI​
9 Feb​
On Understanding the neural underpinnings of higher cognition: Evidence- based interventions for promoting brain health
Professor Tatia  Lee, The University of Hong Kong
Lecture​ SSS​
​January​ ​ ​ 14 - 17 Jan​
Efficacy of Technology Enhanced Learning in Foreign Language Education - Evidence from Research
Dr. Atsushi Fukada, Purdue University
Seminar​ SOH​
12 - 13 Jan Imagining Science - Visualisation Beyond Visibility​ Conference​ ADM​
8 - 12 Jan​ 9th Global Wordnet Conference​ Conference​ SOH​
​2017​ ​ ​ ​ ​
January 12 Jan ICTs For Democracy, Peace and Reconciliation Seminar by Dr Mike L. Best Seminar WKWSCI
February 07 Feb Reversing the Male and Colonial Gaze: Wena Poon's The Proper Care of Foxes by Professor King-Kok Cheung  Lecture HSS
08 Feb 才子佳人:梅兰芳、任剑辉、徐志摩 by Professor King-Kok Cheung Lecture HSS
09 Feb Interdependence versus Independence: Convergences and Divergences of Chinese and Chinese American Life-Writing by Professor King-Kok Cheung Lecture HSS
13 Feb The Personal is the Academic: Connecting Comparative Literature and American Studies by Professor King-Kok Cheung Seminar HSS
15 Feb 

(Re)discovering the messiness of the world: are science and society out of sync? by Nanyang Visiting Professor Helga Nowotny

Lecture HSS
1 7-18 Feb  The 3M Workshop: Migrants, Marginalization & Mobiles Workshop WKWSCI
20-22 Feb Ethnography and Interaction in Asia Symposium Symposium HSS
22 Fe b The Sixth Sense of the Avant-garde: Kinaesthesia and the Arts by Dr Irina Sirotkina, The Russian Academy of Sciences
Lecture HSS
23 Feb Writing with the Body: Kinaesthesia in Arts and Literature Dr Irina Sirotkina, The Russian Academy of Sciences  Seminar HSS
March 08 Mar Distinguished Lecture by Professor Christian Lecture HSS
16 Mar  Distinguished Lecture by Professor David Copp Lecture HSS
29 Mar Immigration as Breach by Dr Nirmala Srirekam Seminar HSS
30 Mar Lecture by Prof Yip Hon Ming Lecture HSS
April 03 Apr Atypical interaction: Can qualitative analysis answer quantitative questions by Dr Joahanna Rendle-Short Seminar HSS
05 Apr Symposium on Membership Categorization Analysis

Symposium HSS
06 Apr HASS Research Sharing Day 2017 Event HASS
May 26-27 May Multiversal Experiences - Parallel Universes in Virtual and Augmented Reality  Conference ADM
June 02-05 Jun NTU-ANU-UNISA Gender Studies Symposium: Movement(s) and Mobility Conference HSS
05-06 Jun Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Women and Development: Beyond the Boundaries Conference HSS
20-21 Jun Innovation, Biodesign, Culture and Technology Symposium ADM
23-24Jun The Aesthetics of the Tropics Conference HSS
July 2-3 Jul Moral Psychology Workshop Workshop HSS
4-7 Jul The 20th International Conference of the International Society for Chinese Philosophy 
Conference HSS
24-27 Jul International Association for the Study of Irish Literatures Conference HSS
August 1 to 31 Aug Visting Scholar: Professor Lai Hongyi Visiting Scholar HSS
18 Aug to  1 Sept Visiting Scholar: Professor Rex A. Wright Visiting Scholar HSS
24 Aug to  1 Sept Visiting Scholar: Professor Sheldon Lu  Visiting Scholar HSS
28 Aug to 15 Sept Visiting Scholar: Professor Mickey E. Goldberg Visting Scholar HSS
September 23 Sept to 1 Oct Visiting Scholar: Prof Timothy Nohe Visiting Scholar ADM
October 1 Oct to 13 Oct Web3D Art Gallery and Symposium Symposium ADM
18 Oct to 13 No v
Visting Scholar: Prof. Dr. Tania Kuteva
Visiting Scholar HSS
November 8 Nov Beating the Genre Bounds: Some Thoughts on Literature and History in Early Modern England by Dr Daniel Wolf Public Lecture HSS
9-10 Nov Demographic, Economic and Social Implications of Changing Age Structure in Asian Countries Workshop HSS
16-18Nov APFS Workshop 2017  Workshop HSS
30 Nov to 2 Dec The Inaugural ABC Conference on Early Language Acquisition and Multilingualism in Asia Conference HSS
January 15-16 Jan 2016 The Second Wordnet Bahasa Workshop: Expanding to other South-East Asian Languages Workshop HSS
28 Jan 2016 A Social Scientist in the Land of Frontier Science: My Experience with the European Research Council (ERC) By Prof. Helga Nowotny Public Lecture HSS
February 04 Feb2016 ​​How to Write a Research Proposal - Some guidelines for the Road to be Taken By Prof. Helga Nowotny Seminar  HSS
15 Feb 2016
Pluralizing Global Governance -Singapore
Workshop HSS
18 Feb - 02 Mar 2016

Visiting Scholar - Prof Mickey Goldberg Visiting Scholar HSS
26 Feb 2016 The development of own and other race face processing and emergence of racial biases by Prof Lee Kang
Public Lecture HSS
27 Feb 2016 Little Liars: Development of Verbal Deception in Children by Prof Lee Kang 
Public Lecture  HSS
March 10 Mar 2016 Lanaguage and Thought by Dr Georges M. Halpern
Public Lecture HSS
16 Mar 2016 NTU-Tokyo Workshop on the Philosophy of Science, Mind and Morality Workshop HSS
April 01 Apr 2016 The affects of border crossing in Urban Asia Workshop HSS
07 Apr 2016 HASS Research Sharing Day Event HSS
08 Apr 2016 Public Lecture by Prof Galin Tihanov Public Lecture HSS
May 18 May 2016 Public Lecture by Prof Margaret Semrud-Clikeman    Public Lecture HSS
21-22 May 2016 Public Policy and Public Consulation: Deliberative Democracy in Asia Workshop HSS
June 02-04 June NTU and Sorbonne Universities Joint Worksho p Workshop HSS
10-12 June 2016 " Spontaneous Beauties"? World Gardens and Gardens in the World
Conference HSS
27-28 June 2016 Global Asia: Critical Aesthetics and Alternatie Globalities
Conference HSS
July  25 July 2016 Navigating the US Academic Job Market by Dr. Cheryl Naruse Workshop HSS
August  05 August 2016 "Applying to Graduate School? The Humanities PhD Demystified" By Dr. Nadine Chan Workshop HSS
05 August 2016 Explaining the Rise of Complex Societies in Human History by Prof Peter Turchin Public Lecture HSS
30 August 2016 Thinking the Unthinkable  by Nanyang Visiting Professor Nik Gowing
Public Lecture HSS
31 August 2016 Acute New Vulnerabilities for Business, Governments and Systems in the New Public Information Space  by Nanyang Visiting Professor Nik Gowing
Public Lecture  HSS
September 16 to 23 September 2016 Visiting Scholar - Dr Tobias Jose Bernaisch Visting Scholar  HSS
15 to 30 September 2016 Visiting Scholar - Dr Ivy Ho Visting Scholar  HSS
​​October   7 October 2016 Immanence, Transindividuality and the Free Multitude by Dr. Daniela Voss Seminar HSS
13 October 2016 Mother-Infant Interactions Across Cultures And Their Neurobiological Underpinnings by Dr Marc H. Bornstein Seminar HSS
November 02 November 2016 The Origins of Death and Sex by Prof Alex Law Public Lecture HSS
03 November 2016
History Programme-CLASS Joint Seminar Seminar HSS
04 November 2016 Talking at the Boundaries: Representing Speech in Contemporary Poetry by Prof Marjorie Perloff Public Lecture HSS

Janu ary 16-18 Jan 2015
Imagining Asia Symposi um Conference HSS
23 Jan 2015 Preferring to Go On Public Lecture HSS
February 6 Feb 2015 The Uniformitarian Hypothesis and Prehistoric Linguistics Public Lecture HSS
10 Feb 2015 Adolescent Depression: Etiology to Treatment Seminar HSS
13 Feb 2015 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Depressed Adolescents Workshop HSS
March 5-8 Mar 2015 Restoring Eden at NTU- Art, Ecology and Culture Along the Silk Road Conference ADM
13-14 Mar 2015 Singapore-Hong Kong Symposium on Chinese Thought Conference HSS
20 Mar 2015 Horizon of Social-humanities in Korea & East Asian History and Challenges in Humanities Public Lecture HSS
26  Mar 2015 Rethinking the Role of Theory in Research: Improving on Uneasy Relationships Public Lecture WKWSCI
31 Mar-02 Apr 2015 The Art of the Networked Practice Syposium ADM
April 22-24  Apr 2015 The Art of 3D Stereo Media Symposium/Workshop ADM
25 Apr-24 May 2015 Visiting Scholar, Jackson T-S. Sun Visiting Scholar HSS
May 15-18 May 2015 The 2015 International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies and Development
(ICTD 2015)
Conferenc e WKWSCI
09-15 July 2015 New Adventures with Dichoptic Colours Conference
10-12 July 2015 Asia Pacific Conference on Vision (APCV 2015) Conference HSS
30 Jul- 1 Aug 2015 Asian and the Historical Imagination Speakers Workshop  HSS
03-07 Aug 2015 The 11 DELPH-IN Summit Conference HSS
10-14 Aug 2015 The 22nd International Conference on HPSG Conference HSS
19-23 Aug 2015 2nd International Symposium on Sound and Interactivity
(SI 2015)
Symposium ADM
26-28 Aug 2015 America the Philosophical Conference HSS
September 18 Sept 2015 The Changing Landscapes of Asian Studies Public Lecture HSS
23 Sept 2015 The 1000 or more languages of ASEAN Public Lecture HSS
October 07-09 Oct 2015 International Forum on Contemporary Islamic Art, Design and Architecture: Where/How d oes the North meet the East? Conference ADM
20 Oct 2015 Social Science and the Humanities in the Age of the Anthropocene by Prof. Dr. Helga Nowotny

Public Lecture HSS
23-24 Oct 2015 Pluralizing global Governance? China, BRICS and Global Governance Workshop HSS
November 13-14 Nov 2015 Secularisms and the Formations of Religion in Asia: Pluralism Globalization and Modernities Workshop HSS
27-28 Nov 2015 Music and Philosophy in Early China Conference HSS
December 10-11 Dec 2015

Product, Production, Productivity:     
A Women’s Studies Symposium

Conference HSS
11-13 Dec 2015 International Symposium on Formation and Development of new Chinese Diasporas Symposium HSS