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​Month Date​​ ​Event ​Event Type ​School
​2017​ ​ ​ ​
​January ​​12 Jan ​​ICTs For Democracy, Peace and Reconcilation Seminar by Dr Mike L. Best​ Seminar​ WKWSCI​
​​ ​​February​ ​ ​ ​07 Feb ​Reversing the Male and Colonial Gaze: Wena Poon's The Proper Care of Foxes by Professor King-Kok Cheung  Lecture​ HSS​
​08 Feb ​才子佳人:梅兰芳、任剑辉、徐志摩 by Professor King-Kok Cheung ​Lecture HSS​
​09 Feb ​Interdependence versus Independence: Convergences and Divergences of Chinese and Chinese American Life-Writing by Professor King-Kok Cheung Lecture​ HSS​
​13 Feb ​The Personal is the Academic: Connecting Comparative Literature and American Studies by Professor King-Kok Cheung ​Seminar ​HSS
​15 Feb 

(Re)discovering the messiness of the world: are science and society out of sync?​ by Nanyang Visiting Professor Helga Nowotny

Lecture HSS
​​1​7-18 Feb ​ The 3M Workshop: Migrants, Marginalization & Mobiles ​​Workshop WKWSCI​​
​20-22 Feb ​Ethnography and Interaction in Asia Symposium Symposium​ ​HSS
​22 Fe​b ​The Sixth Sense of the Avant-garde: Kinaesthesia and the Arts by Dr Irina Sirotkina, The Russian Academy of Sciences
Lecture​ HSS​
​23 Feb ​Writing with the Body: Kinaesthesia in Arts and Literature Dr Irina Sirotkina, The Russian Academy of Sciences  ​Seminar ​HSS
​ March​ ​08 Mar ​Distinguished Lecture by Professor Christian Lecture ​ ​HSS
​16 Mar  ​Distinguished Lecture by Professor David Copp Lecture​ HSS​​
​29 Mar ​Immigration as Breach by Dr Nirmala Srirekam ​Seminar ​HSS
​30 Mar ​Lecture by Prof Yip Hon Ming Lecture​ HSS​
​​ ​ April​ ​03 Apr ​Atypical interaction: Can qualitative analysis answer quantitative questions by Dr Joahanna Rendle-Short ​​Seminar​​ ​HSS
​05 Apr ​Symposium on Membership Categorization Analysis

Symposium HSS
06 Apr​ ​HASS Research Sharing Day 2017​ ​Event HASS
May​ 26-27 May​ Multiversal Experiences - Parallel Universes in Virtual and Augmented Reality ​ ​Conference ​ADM
​June​ ​ ​02-05 Jun NTU-ANU-UNISA Gender Studies Symposium: Movement(s) and Mobility​ Conference​ HSS​
​​05-06 Jun ​Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Women and Development: Beyond the Boundaries Conference​ ​HSS
​23-24Jun​ ​The Aesthetics of the Tropics Conference ​ HSS​
July ​ ​ 04-07 Jul The 20th International Conference of the International Society for Chinese Philosophy 
Conference​ HSS​
24-27 Jul ​International Association for the Study of Irish Literatures​​ ​Conference​ HSS​
​​ August​ ​16-18 Aug ​Materialities of Translation Conference​ HSS​
​28 Aug to 15 Sept ​Visiting Scholar: Professor Mickey E. Goldberg​ Visting Scholar​ HSS​
​September ​07 to 09 Sept ​Innovation, Biodesign, Culture and Technology  Symposium​ ​HSS
October​ ​18​ Oct to 13 Nov
Visting Scholar: ​Prof. Dr. Tania Kuteva
Visiting Scholar ​ HSS​
​November ​ 08 Nov​ Beating the Genre Bounds: Some Thoughts on Literature and History in Early Modern England​ by Dr Daniel Wolf Public Lecture​ HSS​
​30 Nov to 02 Dec ​The Inaugural ABC Conference on Early Language Acquisition and Multilingualism in Asia Conference​ ​HSS
​​​​​2016 ​ ​ ​ ​
​​​Jan​uary ​ ​15-16 Jan 2016 The Second Wordnet Bahasa Workshop: Expanding to other South-East Asian Languages ​Workshop ​HSS
​28 Jan 2016 A Social Scientist in the Land of Frontier Science: My Experience with the European Research Council (ERC) By Prof. Helga Nowotny​ ​Public Lecture ​HSS
​​February ​ ​​ ​ ​ ​04 Feb2016 ​​How to Write a Research Proposal - Some guidelines for the Road to be Taken By Prof. Helga Nowotny Seminar  ​HSS
​15 Feb 2016
Pluralizing Global Governance -Singapore
​Workshop ​HSS
18 Feb - 02 Mar 2016

​Visiting Scholar - Prof Mickey Goldberg ​Visiting Scholar ​HSS
​26 Feb 2016 ​The development of own and other race face processing and emergence of racial biases by Prof Lee Kang
​Public Lecture ​HSS
​27 Feb 2016 ​Little Liars: Development of Verbal Deception in Children by Prof Lee Kang 
​Public Lecture  ​HSS
​Ma​​r​ch ​ ​10 Mar 2016 ​Lanaguage and Thought by Dr Georges M. Halpern
​Public Lecture HSS​
​16 Mar 2016 ​NTU-Tokyo Workshop on the Philosophy of Science, Mind and Morality ​Workshop ​HSS
​​April ​ ​​​​​ 01 Apr 2016​ The affects of border crossing in Urban Asia​ Workshop​ ​HSS
07 Apr 2016​ HASS Research Sharing Day​ ​Event ​HSS
​08 Apr 2016 ​Public Lecture by Prof Galin Tihanov ​Public Lecture ​HSS
​​​May ​​ 18 May 2016 ​Public Lecture by Prof Margaret Semrud-Clikeman ​  ​Public Lecture ​HSS
​21-22 May 2016 ​Public Policy and Public Consulation: Deliberative Democracy in Asia ​Workshop ​HSS
​ ​June ​ ​02-04 June NTU and Sorbonne Universities Joint Worksho​p​ ​Workshop ​​HSS
​​10-12 June 2016 ​​"​Spontaneous Beauties"? World Gardens and Gardens in the World
​Conference ​HSS
​​27-28 June 2016 ​​Global Asia: Critical Aesthetics and Alternatie Globalities
​Conference ​HSS
​July  ​25 July 2016 ​Navigating the US Academic Job Market by Dr. Cheryl Naruse ​Workshop ​HSS
​​Augu​st  ​ ​ ​05 August 2016 "Applying to Graduate School? The Humanities PhD Demystified" By Dr. Nadine Chan Workshop ​HSS
​05 August 2016 ​Explaining the Rise of Complex Societies in Human History by Prof Peter Turchin ​Public Lecture ​HSS
​30 August 2016 Thinking the Unthinkable by Nanyang Visiting Professor Nik Gowing
​Public Lecture ​HSS
​31 August 2016 Acute New Vulnerabilities for Business, Governments and Systems in the New Public Information Space​ by Nanyang Visiting Professor Nik Gowing
​Public Lecture  ​HSS
​​September ​ ​16 to 23 September 2016 ​Visiting Scholar - Dr Tobias Jose Bernaisch ​Visting Scholar  ​HSS
​15 to 30 September 2016 ​Visiting Scholar - Dr Ivy Ho ​Visting Scholar ​ ​HSS
​​October​  ​7 October 2016 Immanence, Transindividuality and the Free Multitude by Dr. Daniela Voss ​Seminar ​HSS
​13 October 2016 ​Mother-Infant Interactions Across Cultures And Their Neurobiological Underpinnings by Dr Marc H. Bornstein ​Seminar ​HSS
​​​Novemb​er ​ ​ ​02 November 2016 ​The Origins of Death and Sex by Prof Alex Law ​Public Lecture ​HSS
​03 November 2016
​History Programme-CLASS Joint Seminar​ ​​Seminar ​HSS
​04 November 2016 ​Talking at the Boundaries: Representing Speech in Contemporary Poetry by Prof Marjorie Perloff ​Public Lecture ​HSS

​2015​​​​​ ​ ​ ​ ​
​Janu​ary​ ​ 16-18 Jan 2015​
Imagining Asia Symposium ​Conference ​HSS
23 Jan 2015​ Preferring to Go On​ ​Public Lecture ​HSS
​​February ​ ​ 6 Feb 2015 The Uniformitarian Hypothesis and Prehistoric Linguistics ​Public Lecture ​HSS
10 Feb 2015 ​​​​Adolescent Depression: Etiology to Treatment ​Seminar ​HSS
13 Feb 2015 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Depressed Adolescents Workshop ​HSS
​​​March ​ ​ ​ ​ 5-8 ​Mar 2015 ​Restoring Eden at NTU- Art, Ecology and Culture Along the Silk Road ​Conference ADM
13-14 Mar 2015 ​Singapore-Hong Kong Symposium on Chinese Thought Conference ​HSS
​20 Mar 2015 ​Horizon of Social-humanities in Korea & East Asian History and Challenges in Humanities Public Lecture ​HSS
26 ​​Mar 2015 ​Rethinking the Role of Theory in Research: Improving on Uneasy Relationships ​Public Lecture ​WKWSCI​
​31 Mar-02 Apr 2015 The Art of the Networked Practice ​​Syposium ADM​
​April ​ 22-24 ​Apr 2015 The Art of 3D Stereo Media Symposium/Workshop ​ADM
​25 Apr-24 May 2015 ​​Visiting Scholar, Jackson T-S. Sun ​Visiting Scholar ​HSS
​May ​ 15-18 May 2015​ The 2015 International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies and Development
(ICTD 2015)
Conferenc​e ​WKWSCI
​July​ ​​ ​
​09-15 July 2015 New Adventures with Dichoptic Colours ​Conference
​10-12 July 2015 Asia Pacific Conference on Vision (APCV 2015) ​Conference HSS
​​30 Jul- 1 Aug 2015 Asian and the Historical Imagination Speakers ​Workshop  ​HSS
​​​August ​​ ​
03-07 Aug 2015​ The 11 DELPH-IN Summit ​Conference ​​HSS
​10-14 Aug 2015 The 22nd International Conference on HPSG ​​Conference ​HSS
​19-23 Aug 2015 2nd International Symposium on Sound and Interactivity
(SI 2015)
​Symposium ADM
​26-28 Aug 2015 ​America the Philosophical ​Conference ​HSS
​September ​ ​18 Sept 2015 The Changing Landscapes of Asian Studies ​Public Lecture ​HSS
​23 Sept 2015 ​The 1000 or more languages of ASEAN ​Public Lecture ​HSS
​October​ ​​​​​ ​07-09 Oct 2015 International Forum on Contemporary Islamic Art, Design and Architecture: Where/How d​oes the North meet the East?​​ ​Conference ​ADM​
​20 Oct 2015 Social Science and the Humanities in the Age of the Anthropocene by Prof. Dr. Helga Nowotny

Public Lecture HSS​​
​23-24 Oct 2015 Pluralizing global Governance? China, BRICS and Global Governance Workshop ​HSS
​November ​​ ​13-14 Nov 2015 Secularisms and the Formations of Religion in Asia: Pluralism Globalization and Modernities ​Workshop ​HSS
​27-28 Nov 2015 ​Music and Philosophy in Early China Conference ​HSS
​​Dece​m​​ber ​ ​10-11 Dec 2015

Product, Production, Productivity:     
A Women’s Studies Symposium

Conference ​HSS
11-13 Dec 2015 ​International Symposium on Formation and Development of new Chinese Diasporas Symposium HSS